Inside Precision Medicine: Using Machine Learning to Accelerate TCR-Based Therapeutics for Solid Tumors

December 19, 2023

Therapeutics for solid tumors remain in a nascent corner of cancer research despite representing 90% of all cancers in adults. Thirty years after the first Chimeric Antigen Receptor was reported, CAR-T cell therapies have seen significant breakthroughs managing liquid tumors, yet it has had limited impact on solid tumors. T-cell receptor (TCR)-based therapies represent a promising therapeutic alternative. ImmunoScape is utilizing data-driven approaches to foster and accelerate the discovery of novel and efficacious TCRs against a variety of tumor indications covering a globally diverse patient population. ImmunoScape’s discovery engine offers 360-degree views of lab-validated data from millions of T cells. More than 100 functionally validated TCRs have been identified to date, with many more in the discovery pipeline. Learn more about how ImmunoScape’s diverse TCR portfolio generates opportunities beyond T cell engineering and is applicable to multiple product modalities in a new Inside Precision Medicine piece by Michael Fehlings, ImmunoScape’s co-founder and VP of Innovation.

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